Monday, November 9, 2015

Book Review- Boy Meets Depression

Boy Meets Depression is a book that can make you go on a roller coaster of emotions. 
Boy Meets Depression is a heart book written by someone who lived with this mental illness. Who suffered through it and came out alive. This book let me get a little look into the mind of someone, other than my self, with this exact same mind set as him. 

"The thing about trying to figure out who you are is that it's big waste of time. You never end up finding yourself, only being a part of the journey which is creating you." (pg 172) 

"I'm not much a fan of stars, but I am a fan of the idea that sometimes life has to go pitch black before you can really appreciate the light." (pg 174) This really spoke to me because once you seep into the pit of darkness. You can see the light and how badly you want it but being so far away from it you can't reach out and touch it.

People don't really truly understand the pain and suffering someone with depression has went through or even gong through. We need to talk about this topic because there are way to many people who feel like they can't talk to anyone. It isnt until someone reads a book like this one or anything that deals with this topic and maybe for some thats to late. 
FTC: I received this book from Blogging for Books for free in exchange for my honest and unbias review.

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